Fox River Valley Pony Club 


Pony Club is an international educational organization devoted to educating youth and adults about horses and riding. Pony Club is the largest equestrian organization in the world and exists in over 30 countries worldwide.

Fox River Valley Pony Club was founded in 1963 and has been educating and inspiring all generations to develop a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves, others, and their equine partners. The skills, habits and values instilled through horsemanship provide tools to succeed not only in equestrian sport but in life. Handling, riding and caring for a horse helps promote such positive character traits as accountability, patience, self-discipline, self-confidence, empathy, and kindness. Pony Club instills the values of teamwork and volunteerism.

Our club has produced alumni who have received top national rankings, competing and earning top honors at international levels in equestrian sports. Equally important, our club has generated scores of riders who enjoy horses and ponies for the rest of their lives instilled with a strong sense of safety, proper care, and equine community. As a testament, our club enjoys numerous second & third generation Pony Club families.


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Land Preservation


The FRVPC Horse Trials in June and the FRVPC Mini Event in May hosted by the FRVPC are held at the Barrington Hills Park District and over the adjacent Spring Creek Forest Preserve.

The Fox River Valley Pony Club and the running of these two events play a vital role in protecting the Spring Creek Forest Preserve and uniting the community to preserve a legacy and lifestyle unique to our area.

The Spring Creek Forest Preserve is protected through the preservation of its exclusive use as equestrian & pedestrian only park land. This is made possible by an intergovernmental agreement and partnership between the Barrington Hills Park District and the Cook County Forest Preserve, through which the Fox River Valley Pony Club assumed responsibility for much of the related land management, all of the maintenance of the equestrian trails over which the event is run, and in turn, the preservation of the unique equestrian nature of the Forest Preserve. Part of the work of the club involves clearing invasive species which contributes to the restoration of native plants and animals in the Forest Preserve. This forest preserve, with the Barrington Hills Riding center as its primary access point, serves as a “hub” of the trail system in Barrington Hills.