Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are essential to making the show day happen. From Jump Judges to Dressage Help we need you! No matter what your schedule is, we are happy to work with you. If you are competing, bring a friend along, and remember, there are many jobs that need filling before the event to get ready for your arrival!  Please click on the link below to create a volunteer profile on the USEA VIP site and sign-up!  You can track hours and vie for awards here:


If you have any questions,  contact: 

volunteerfrvpc@gmail.com   Our Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you!
Each volunteer will be provided lunch during competition day. Saturday evening following cross country is the FRVPC Horse Trials Recognition Party.  All volunteers are invited to attend.

Remember that you can earn your volunteer hours for USEA and IDCTA!

High School Student? As a 501(c)3 we meet the criteria for school required volunteer hours 



FRVPC Horse Trials Advisory Committee: 

c/o Barb McMorris


Mini Event Organizer: Maria Keevins-Kogen



Show Secretary: Rick Dunkerton



Competition Management: 

Fox River Valley Pony Club

Web Master: Caroline Charette


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